House rules

The same rules apply for everyone visiting The Movies or de FilmHallen. If you break the house rules, our staff may immediately remove you from the premises. Illegal acts of any kind will always be reported to the police. Always follow the instructions of our staff.

ENTRANCE: Entering the foyer or screening rooms is only allowed with a valid ticket.

SMOKING: Smoking inside is not allowed.

RECORDINGS: Making photo, film or audio recordings during a film screening is prohibited.

ENTERING THE SCREENING ROOMS: After a film has started, a screening room may only be entered in consultation with our staff.

CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS: The cinema has clothing requirements. If you do not meet these requirements, we can deny you access to our cinema.

CAMERAS: By visiting our cinema, you agree with us making video recordings. After disturbances or accidents, the recordings can by shown to third parties.

INTOXICATED STATE: Anyone who is intoxicated, or under the influence of drugs will be denied access to the cinema.

AGGRESSION: threats, abuse and any other form of (verbal) aggression is prohibited.

BOTHERSOME AND OFFENSIVE BEHAVIOR: Whoever behaves bothersome or offensive, will be given a warning. If you do not heed this warning, you will be removed and permanently banned from entering our cinema.

CONSUMPTIONS: If you do not come to watch a film, you are required to order something at the bar. You can only consume what you ordered inside the cinema. You cannot take any food, drinks, or packages from outside into the cinema.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: As of January 1 2014, alcohol is only served to guests aged 18 or older. If we are unsure of your age, we will ask for your ID.

TOILETS: Our toilets are only available for visitors with a valid ticket and can only be used individually. The use of our toilets for anything else is prohibited.

PETS: You are not allowed to bring a pet or other animal into the cinema. Service animals are of course an exception.

CINEMA PROPERTIES: You are not allowed to bring any properties of de FilmHallen or The Movies outside. Anyone who causes damages is responsible for reparation or renewal.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: de FilmHallen and The Movies are not responsible for the loss or theft of your personal belongings.

LOST AND FOUND: If you find something that belongs to another visitor, you are required to hand it over to our staff. Whoever comes to pick up a lost belonging, is required to identify themselves.

COMPLAINTS: Do you have any complaints? Please report them to our staff or send us an e-mail via: or